DVD Customer Upgrade to Total Plans Package

$ 225.00

This discount is available to all previous DVD customers who want to upgrade to the printed Total Plans Package

The Total Plans Package includes:

-Printed set of hOMe ARCHITECTURAL PLANS (handling is free).
-The How To Guide To Building A Tiny House" 4 DVD Set with over 6hr15min of footage showing you exactly how to build hOMe. 
-Link to the ARCHITECTURAL PLANS INSTANT DOWNLOAD to gain immediate access before your hard copy arrives in the mail.
-Digital Step by step short video showing you how to read your hOMe architectural plans.
-Fully editable SketchUp file for hOMe. (*SketchUp is a 3rd party design app that you will need to download to open this file. You just need the free version)
-Digital Materials list
-Digital Tool list
-Digital Welcome letter/Tips
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